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Sofia - User Guide

Sofia Overview

Sofia is a shared bilingual discovery tool for all academic libraries in Quebec.

Although each library has a customized interface with its own logo and collections, Sofia is a window on the library collections throughout Quebec and around the world.

Sofia is part of the Shared Services Platform (SSP), a project that BCI (Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire) oversaw. For more information, click on this link .

Sofia Discovery Tool is designed to find physical and digital items such as books, journals, journal articles, dissertations/theses, audiovisual and audio  material, microforms, etc.

Users may select one of three levels to narrow their search results with Sofia:
●    Local (home institution, default level)
●    Consortial (academic libraries in Quebec)
●    International (academic libraries around the world)

You may therefore search for items beyond your library’s physical and digital collections.

When you sign in however, immediate access is limited to your own library’s licenced digital content.

You may request digital or physical items from other Quebec academic libraries or other libraries in the world by clicking on the “Request via Interlibrary Loan” button. Physical items are sent to the pick-up location selected, and digital items (articles or book chapters) are sent to your institutional email. Various delivery times apply. You may also request an interlibrary loan with Sofia.
Please see Request via Interlivrary Loan for more information.

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